Object-Orientation FAQ

Montage (ORDBMS) [Research System POSTGRES]

From: markh@montage.com (Mark Helfen)
Subject: Montage Database - brief product announcement
Followup-To: sales@montage.com
Organization: Montage Software, Inc.
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1993 23:05:03 GMT
The Montage object-relational database management system
(ORDBMS) is now available from Montage Software, Inc. 
The Montage object-relational database management system
includes the Montage Server(tm) database engine, the Montage
Viewer(tm) -- a new visualization tool that simplifies queries of
complex data -- and Montage DataBlades(tm), specialized modules
that extend the capabilities of the database for specific applications.
Montage represents the commercialization of the seven-year
POSTGRES research project.   
The Montage Server extends the relational database model through
its ability to handle complex information, and the inclusion of object-
oriented facilities and capabilities.  It uses the familiar relational row-
column metaphor for all data, so that text, numbers and complex data
are all viewed, managed, manipulated and queried the same way.
The relational metaphor is extended to allow data of any size and
complexity to be stored and accessed in the way that is most
effective.   SQL, used to access and manage data, is extended with
SQL3-based capabilities to allow the definition of user data types and
The Montage Viewer uses visualization technology to organize
information in visual terms -- by location, shape, color and intensity,
for example.  Similar to a "flight simulator," the Montage Viewer allows
the user to visually navigate through data, refining each step by
"panning" and "zooming" with a mouse.  
A DataBlade is a combination of data types and functions that are
designed to support a specific application.   Text, Spatial, and Image
are the first of many DataBlades that will comprise a full-range of
industry-specific products created by Montage, third parties and
users based upon their own expertise.    
o     The Text DataBlade expands the database's functionality by
adding new data types and functions that manage text and document
libraries, as well as a providing a new access method (Doc-Tree)
which provides exceptional search performance for text.  
o     The Image DataBlade supports image conversion, storage,
manipulation, enhancement and management of more than 50 image
formats, and performs automatic conversion of formats at the user's
o     Points, lines, polygons and their spatial relationships are now
supported in the relational model with the Spatial DataBlade.  The
DataBlade defines nine basic spatial types and makes over 200 SQL
functions available for use on spatial data, as well as supports the
R-Tree access method for high speed navigation of spatial data.    
Montage Software was co-founded by Gary Morgenthaler of
Morgenthaler Ventures and Dr. Michael Stonebraker of the University
of California, Berkeley, .  Morgenthaler is Montage Software's
chairman of the board and Stonebraker serves as the company's
chief technology officer.    Morgenthaler and Stonebraker co-
founded Ingres Corporation (then called Relational Technology,
Inc.), in 1980.    
Montage Software Inc. can be contacted at:
email:                        sales@montage.com
phone:                        (510) 652-8000
fax:                          (510) 652-9688
Mailing Address:
Montage Software, Inc.
2000 Powell Street, Suite 1405
Emeryville, CA  94608

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