Object-Orientation FAQ

OBST/STONE (Forschungszentrum Informatik [FZI], Karlsruhe, Germany)

OBST3-4 is now available at ftp.fzi.de under /pub/OBST/OBST3-4.
(Please do not confuse this new release with the older OBST3-3.4).
Experienced users will notice that we've changed the structure of
our ftp directory tree somewhat: compressed and gzip'ed files are
now cleanly separated. By sending
	echo 'info ftp_listing' | mail obst-listserv@fzi.de
you will get a directory listing from our ftp server.
OBST3-4 is a major release with a new meta schema interface
that enables schema modifications. A graphical schema browser
(USE) based on tclOBST is now also available. Please note that this
new tool has not yet been tested outside the FZI and that it
is currently not part of the OBST core cdistribution.
Beside bug fixes and performance improvements, we have added support
for IBM AIX and FreeBSD and improved the installation on LINUX PCs.
We would like to thank all OBST users who have helped us by testing a
beta version of OBST, most notably:
  Naresh Sharma (N.Sharma@LR.TUDelft.NL)
  Michael Reifenberger (root@rz-wb.fh-sw.de)
  Hans-Ulrich Kobialka (kobi@borneo.gmd.de)
  Jean Safar (jsafar@lehman.com)
  Gabor Karsai (gabor@vuse.vanderbilt.edu)
  Stefan Bohm (bohm@math.uni-muenster.de)
The installation of OBST requires a C++ compiler
(GNU g++ 2.3.3/2.4.5/2.5.8, or AT&T 2.1/3.01).
The OBST graphical tools run under the X-Windows
system (currently X11R4, X11R5 and X11R6).
Installation has been tested for SunOS4.1.3 and LINUX only.
Best regards and happy OBST programming. 
   The OBST Team
Version: OBST3-4
Date:    11/4/94

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